The divide isn’t between GOOD and BAD. The devide is between STRONG and WEAK.

They say Good Guys  finish last.

The kind hearted, accommodating, righteous guy doesn’t get the girl – at least not in bed. He orbits around his object of desire, like a satellite does around the Earth. No matter how hard he tries, he will always be at arms length, in the proverbial friend zone.

Indeed, Good Guys finish last.

If the Good Guy finishes last it’s because he’s got it twisted. He can be caught reaching for the dessert fork during the appetizer or the menu long after the feast has ended. He mistakenly begins at the end.  He puts the cart before the horse .

Simply put, he doesn’t understand that sexual affairs follow a certain course. That you must play your cards in the right order. He projects traits that relate to comfort- that feeling of trust and connection- instead of aiming to ATTRACT first. In caveman terms what that means is he shows off that he will not abondon his child bearing mate. That he will be there for her through thick and thin. That he is emotionally reliable.

The Good Guy is the provider.

There is another breed in the romantic fauna: the Bad Boy. What the Bad Boy understands (or at least seamingly understands) is that a girl will not want you to f*** her brains out simply because you helped her with her groceries. Pardon my language. Attraction often comes from a place of discomfort. Sexual tension. And so I ignoring her, being aloof, being unpredictable and leading the way are all traits that border on virility.

The Bad Boy is the lover.

It would then make sense that the Good Guy very easily befriends women. He displays loyalty, companionship and dependability. But the way out of the friend zone and into “the zone” is sex and he sure as hell ain’t gettin’ that!

We seem to oppose these two characters. We believe there is a divide between GOOD and BAD, that you either fall into one category or another.

I disagree.

There is yet another archetype in the relationship fauna; a hybrid, a blend of both types. He is an upgrade, the best of both worlds.

Introducing the Gentleman.

Check out PART 2 here.

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  1. Nice guys don’t finish last. FOOLS do. So, people wanna believe the bad boy is the lover, the guy with the spine. More times than not, people suffer in life because of what they choose to believe. This “NGFL” stuff is moronic at best (not criticizing whoever wrote this piece). Women are brainwashed into thinking they should receive everything they ever wanted “just cause”… men are brainwashed to believe they should either be a “bad boy”, live reckless until they are FORCED to grow up… or they are brainwashed into thinking they should be “white knights” (and we all know that that SIMP crap doesn’t work with ladies).

    In my view, people should seriously start thinking for themselves and stop trying to play a predetermined role (women: indecisive, moody, angry, whorish) (men: simpering, cowardly,spineless towards women). Then again, look at the society that I’m talking about….


    • In dating “science” my boys and I see three dimensions.
      1-Outer Game: skills, tricks routines used to attract women.
      2-Inner Game: an inward focus. Be a better man, a more attractive man, and success will come
      3- Red Pill Theory: Too long to thoroughly explain here, but that is what you touch on in your comment. It’s an approach that studies the game from a social point of view.
      Let me explain: in school we learn a whole bunch of subjects (english, math, whatever), but we don’t learn about sexual attraction/dating/romance/how to treat the opposite sex. So where do we learn those things?
      Hollywood (Disney movies, romantic movies,tv sitcoms, etc)
      Our households (traditions)
      The government
      Society (media)
      People’s behaviours towards the opposite sex are derived from these institutions. The bad boy, the knight in shining armour, etc…
      Will human nature change overnight? Don’t think so? Will society change overnight? Don’t think so.
      I do plan on delving deeper into this topic. Please follow to get more on our opinions of the dating scene.
      Thanks for the comment.

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      • QUE?! Ok… I appreciate the banter… is GAME (arrogance, flashing paper) the thing that works to attract women? In all honesty, I happen to be a guy who is more GTOW than he cares to admit… so that’s why I am not necessarily on board with GAME being a solution to this “dilemma” of NGFL. Add to that, I would like to say, why is it only the men who need to step up their game to be better? There are more women than men now… the women should step up their game in dating. Their collective value is lower based on population and overall reputation… J/S


      • About women having to step up their game: ABOLUTELY. We plan on writing about that. I agree with you! In today’s societiy, we are equals and so they too can work on themselves. I’m glad to see someone else agrees with me on that.
        We don’t define Game the same way you and I. Let’s call it a model in seduction. Here’s my point. two people meet and fall in love. That’s not MAGIC. In order to attain that (wanting a girl to love you). certain things must be done, hence Game. Game might not be an appropriate word, but if I were to use my own words, would people understand my posts?
        Like I said, Game is innner and outer. Pure naturals don’t even rely on outter game. Just be being themselves, they’re attractive.
        It’s hard to put ALL thoughts in a 600 word post…

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      • We happen to be on opposite sides of the equation. Perhaps you’re wanting to change the system from within (lol)… while I happen to be a bit more confrontational with the men, telling them to value themselves and leave the women be…


      • We do seem to be on different sides…
        No worries.
        I don’t plan on changing any system.
        We should have a sit down 🙂


      • SEEM to be? LOL. It’s all good with me… I would LOVE to have a debate with someone like you. Not in a malicious way or anything… it’d be good for the both of us to speak our minds on it. You say you have a small crew that you mentor… so do I. My whole deal is more of empowerment and “reclamation of manhood”. I intend on developing and molding leaders who will change the world.

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      • During this debate I think you’ll see we’re not that far appart! 🙂


      • I see that now… from what I see, I used to say the same things now… now that I’m older, I am skewing a bit more to where I am now mentally-

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      • What’s your URL? Is your site down?




  2. Really enjoyed this, as you presented some interesting evidence as to why good guys finish last. As you can tell by my username, I’m not a guy but I think that it’s informative to see the guys perspective on this. Nice work


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