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I’m in my third week of my Blogging 101 class. I’ve met lots of great bloggers and even made some friends. To be honest, I never expected the experience to be so interactive. It’s great to see so many different approaches to this art. Some bloggers are storytellers, others aim to inform. To each his/her own. Some even offer help and advice to rookie bloggers like myself…

One of them is Alex- Project Lady from My 35 Project, who has helped me fine-tune my project a lot thus far.  She also offered to guest post on my blog. Here is her post. It fits in perfectly with what I want to offer my readers.


5 Things a Woman on a Diet Hates to Hear from her Man

1. “Oh honey! You are not that fat!”
One of the worst things to say to a woman. That fat? That fat? It’s like, you are fat but I love you for your personality. Oh, come on! Of course the personality is everything but she is trying to look good to you. At least you can do is to say “I will support you” even though you don’t think that diet is necessary at all. If she will be happier with less pounds, support her efforts not her personality.
2. “Why are you trying to be beautiful all of a sudden?”
Ok here it comes… If she is on a diet and she is with you then think about it: Who is the most awarded when she gets fit? You! It is for you, not for an existing or a prospective another! Instead of asking this with suspicion, try to get rid of your own belly fat.
3. “No, I don’t see any difference”
Not just woman, but everyone needs encouraging words when pursuing a goal. Even though your girl has just lost 0.5 pounds you are the first one she seeks “Congrats!” If you say, it makes no difference in your eyes you will discourage her for going further and make the goal meaningless. So if there is a difference, any difference, congratulate her at least for the effort.
4. “Your boobs are getting smaller.”
Why the hell do you do this to a woman? She tries to get fit so hard and you are mentioning that she is not beautiful in your eyes even she is fit. Man, there is no way to make you happy.
Your face got too slim, you look pale, your bottom used to be handful, your boobs got smaller means that you do not find her desirable anymore. No offense if she goes for another who finds her desirable. At the least, she will suspect that you may leave her for a boob truck and will get super jealous everytime you peek to another woman. So, don’t do that 🙂
5. “Do you want some from my pizza?”

Do you want to be punched? Really? Why torture someone who promised herself trying not to think about pizzas and hamburgers, fries and cakes etc. Eat your pizza somewhere else, brush your teeth out of pepperoni smell and eat some salad with your woman. Don’t you ever say “OMG, do you call this food?” or “How can you feel full with that?” Instead, just say “It is delicious honey!” Of course it tastes like carpet but what the heck? She will be happy.
Remember, if she is happy, you will be happier 🙂

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  1. Alright, I’ll try to remember those. 🍸


  2. So far I only heard the last one from my husband :)) I’m still trying to get back in shape after the second child and it’s always a fight between wanting to slim down and not wanting to put away all the tasty things.. Oh well, nothing’s easy, right? 🙂


  3. Love love love this post. The feature is awesome. Also being a woman who is seriously trying to lose weight, I can totally relate to this whole article. Everything was so true. This was humorous and honest. Really good post!!!


  4. Reblogged this on My 35 Project and commented:
    My first guest-author experience on a friend’s blog 🙂
    Thanks Ace 🙂

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