Allow me to introduce myself

My name is Yoto. I’m a  citizen of the world. I have roots in a many countries, mainly in Europe.

I’m a good friend of Dom’s. We see eye to eye on many many topics and that’s what prompted us to start Ace Digest.  We both have the same vision, to help, connect and entertain via blogging.  For more on that, check out our About page.

How do I define myself? Let’s see:

  • Modern day Gentleman
  • Aspiring professional Soccer player
  • Aspiring blogger?

Here is what I’m passionate about, what gets me up in the norning.


What would I be without sports? Simply put, sports are not a hobby for me: they’re a passion. For so many reasons, reasons I plan on explaining in future posts…

Like most athletes around the World, I started playing sports at an early age. From MMA to american football, horseback riding to bodyweight training, I’ve pretty much done it all. However, my true love is football, or as we call it in North America, soccer. Having made my way as an underdog, climbing my way up to professional camps via football academies in Europe, I’m on the verge of achieving one of my biggest dreams: playing my favorite sport at a professional level.


I’ve always been fascinated by ’em. Like all kids, I grew up not really understanding them. I’ll admit, I used to be a sucker, I always got burned. I wasn’t born a natural.

Then, after high school, I saw things differently. What if, instead of whining about the rules being unfair I decided to improve my understanding of them? That was the beginning of a great journey and a turning point in my life. I was set on improving my knowledge on dating and finding answers to questions all guys ask themselves about women. During this journey I discovered it is not tricks or routines than make you attractive, but being a better person, an Ace.

If I don’t have a romantic interest I don’t have that same motivation to be a better me. I love women because they make me a better person.


The main reason why we started Ace Digest: contribution. What good is it for me to keep all my knowledge for myself? Helping men and women all over the world and sharing experiences  gives me something my 9-5 doesn’t.

I’m no expert though. I don’t know everything. I’ll write about food, fitness, dating, mindset, and style to the best of my ability, but some people out there just know a lot more than I do. Whenever I’m unsure about something you’ll see me refer to someone more knowledgeable. You can be sure about that.

That’s why we’re open to help from you guys. By commenting and contributing you’ll help Ace Digest be of better service to others.

Now go enjoy the rest of V-Day weekend!

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Soccer, Fitness, Personal development.


  1. i think acedigest is a great idea and my brain needs a better workout if i get to the end of the article and it takes a few whirrs before realising V-day referred to valentines! i can’t believe you guys are that new to blogging, it’s all very well done, good reads …cheers 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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