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In the online dating Universe, Tinder plays a pretty big role. Almost every single I know has the app.

But just because you have the app, doesn’t mean you know how to use it. Moreover, there is using the app and then there is Acing it.

Think of yourself as a brand. The better you market yourself, the more you have a shot at sticking out of the douchebag infested crowd. The more value you carry, the harder it is for people to turn you down.

Here’s how to protect yourself from being swiped left.

Define your Brand

The best thing you can do for yourself, in life or on Tinder, is know yourself. Your strengths, your weaknesses, whatever makes YOU unique. Who are you? What do you have to offer? Just like brands have products or services they offer their clientele, you have value to bring others around you. Let’s think big picture here. What do your buddies like you for? What does your feedback analysis (more on this concept in future posts) tell you.

For inspiration on defining your brand, check out HOW BEING BETTER WITH THE GUYS WILL HELP YOU WITH WOMEN, where you’ll see that your brand with the ladies doesn’t have to differ that much from the one you show your buddies..

Create an Attractive Logo

It goes without saying that in the Tinderverse your profile picture is your logo and that your logo is very important. It’s what represents you and your brand. It’s what introduces you to your market. Put your best foot forward.

Your logo should be in line with your brand. Make your personality shine.

Are you athletic?

Are you geeky?

Are you both?

You can bring a ton of traits out on your profile picture.

And also. Make your picture contextual. Don’t just stand in front of a boring background. What are your hobbies, passions?. You can bring them out in your profile picture. It can really add value to your brand. Don’t overdo it though. Nobody wants to see you milking a cow or… Check out 6 EASY WAYS TO ACE YOUR PROFILE PIC for more info on contextual pictures.

Basically, hint at different sides of your personnality in your profile picture. Here’s an example from a good friend of mine.


State your Name and Mission Statement

There are two things we don’t decide on when we come into this world: our parents and the name they gave us. My focus in on the latter. Now I’m not saying you should be ashamed of the name your parents gave you, but in some cases, a stage name is in order. Again, this is part of your brand.

No need to create an alter ego here. A simple, attractive twist on your name will suffice. You have a long last name? Truncate it or just put the first letter.

Example: Steve T.

In addition to having a name you should also have a mission statement or “Profile text”. Ok, so your name is John Smith, but who are you really? Jot down a few words that describe you. Again, this must be in line with your brand and your picture. No dichotomy here. Check out an example from Daymond John’s Twitter profile. His mission statement is exemplary. Clever, funny, indicative.

Don’t forget Links

We’re no longer in the 80s. Nowadays, businesses need a presence on different social media platforms. And so does your brand. Link to your facebook page, Twitter account or whatever it is you like to waste your time on. And you can also interlink your accounts if you want. Not only does that give you more exposure, but it also shows them you’re a a real person involved in different matters.


The mating game (sorry for being so crude, but essentially, that’s what it is) is so similar to business. You need to attract, retain, learn to negotiate and learn to market yourself, just to put forth a few similarities. The only thing is. The dating game requires a little more finesse.

You can be procedural in business, going through every step of you tedious agenda. But dating, online or in persona requires spontaneity, flair. That’s the beauty of it. And that’s what this site is about. Sure, routines and techniques help, but the surest way to success is by improving yourself. Your character, your mindset, your instincts.

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