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As I was walking down the hall at work today during lunch break, I couldn’t help but feel the urge to eavesdrop on a seemingly interesting conversation. It was taking place in a room I had just passed by. After backtracking and peering in I noticed, to my great surprise, that the conversation wasn’t between two employees, but between two people on the radio.

“April 24th will be a HUGE day”, one voice said. “I can’t wait”, said the other.

It only took me about a few seconds to realize what it was they were talking about: the much anticipated (by some, not all) release of the Apple watch.

Now, I don’t want to promote Apple products here. I, in fact own an Android phone and I’ m a happy customer. However, none can deny the immense success of this multi- billion dollar company. It manages to captivate people’s interests again and again as well as stand out in the fierce environment that is the tech world.

There is another environment where competition is almost as fierce: the dating game.

Let me explain.

We compete for women’s attention (the customer), but also compete against each other (the competition). We buy nice clothes, we work out, and we aspire to drive a fancy car so that we can catch the eye of that special someone. Conversely, the most intellectual of us acquire fancy tastes (such as single malt whiskeys, to name one), we educate ourselves in exotic and seemingly prestigious affairs and we carry ourselves in a refined manner. You see, our methods may differ, but the means remains the same: to catch the eye of that special gal.

Whether in business or in love, artful seduction seals the deal. For that reason, I think it’s safe to say mastering seduction is a pretty useful skill. It allows us to get what our hearts desire.

However, if you can only attract and not retain you find yourself with very few customers. Therefore, attraction AND retention are the name of the game.

Apple can teach us a thing or two about attracting and retaining customers. Let’s see what the multi- billion company can teach us about sex, seduction and dating.

Customer creation and Value

The essence of a business is creating customers, according to Peter Drucker. No customers, no business. It’s that simple.

However, creating customers isn’t enough. You also need to be able to provide value to them.

If Apple is so successful it is because they provide value to people. Steve Jobs was even able to tell people what they should value.

Check out this video where Tai Lopez, a great online mentor, explains the concept pretty well.

In matters of love and attraction, these principles are best viewed from this angle:

Do Looks Matter to Women?

A classic question, right?

Unfortunetly, I think asking such a question is asking the wrong question. You see, what you should be asking is:

Do women VALUE looks as much as men do?

The answer is no.

I heard an explanation the other day that explained it perfectly: men and women experience attraction differently.

For a man, attraction is objective (more or less black or white.) However, for women attraction is more practical. Sure, she can find you attractive, but looks alone do not complete the package as much as they do for us. Give a beautiful Lamborghini to a man and he’ll hop in the driver’s seat in a heartbeat, whereas a woman, although she loves her new present, will inquire about the warranty, the last time the oil was changed and so on.

Now, of course some women value looks a lot, but hear me out. Any girl will tell you that even if approached by a STUD, she will not feel strong attraction if he doesn’t look confident, sociable, entertaining or any other quality she values besides looks. In other words, a Lamborghini with no gas in it is of no use to anybody. Alas, women truly are better shoppers than men.

Back to what Tai was saying, In order to win over customers you must bring VALUE to them. Forget being a nice guy. Have a skill set. Have a personality. Be unique.


In 4 STEPS TO A GREAT TINDER PROFILE, we talked about the paralles between brands and YOU as an online dater. For that reason I see no reason to delve any further into the topic.

However, for those of you haven’t read the article, what needs to be understood is that being unique, having your own personality, is essential. And the only way you can truly be unique and let that personality shine is by  really knowing yourself.

Know Thyself



Let’s open the history books for a second here.

There used to be a time when businesses would put up a sign in the street, enticing passers-by to convert into customers. Once those customers were created, the company aimed to maintain a good relationship in order to retain them and acquire new ones from positive reviews.Apple watch

Times have changed. Marketing is now online. Businesses need a presence on various media platforms, from television to Pinterest. Apple (not JUST Apple) does this very well. It seems like everywhere you go there’s an Apple ad. Not only do they have a large presence, but they also feel free to show off their wonderful user-friendly designs.

This “omnipresent marketing strategy” affects the dating game as well. Indeed, the terrain no longer limits itself to the physical world. In order to stay competitive, you must have a presence in the digital world as well. Not just on Tinder, but on various social media platforms.

Remember: it’s not enough to simply “exist” online. You need to put your best foot forward. Just as apple shows their customers how they can can integrate their products into their own lives by using the power of context, you too can market yourself in such a way that has the customer seeing you in their life . Check out Ace’s tips on creating a great social media profile here.

Research and development

 If you’re not progressing, you’re regressing

It is not enough to be good TODAY. In order to stay competitive tomorrow, you must improve, you must progress. The competition improves and so should you. If you’re not progressing, you are regressing in relation to the competition.

What this means for us is that we need to pride ourselves in developing ourselves. Intellectually, physically, spiritually; In any way that we can. Like I said before, VALUE is paramount.

What VALUE do you bring to the table when the last book you read was in the 3rd grade, the last workout you had was 7 years ago and your first serious introspection was last week? Personal development should be part od our everyday lives. The better we are as individuals, the more we have to offer.

Many parallels can be drawn between the business world and the dating game; between sales and seduction. Simply put, in order to be successful you need to understand the rules of attraction and of retention.

Life can become pretty hectic at times and it often becomes easy to loose sight of the right objective. In business, just in many interpersonal relationships, the goal is to provide and capture value. Let’s not forget that.

Now don’t get me wrong. Human interactions go beyond transactional activities. We are human, not machines. The concept of value is broad. It’s also subjective. And that’s the good part.

Find out who you really are. Discover your own strengths. Double down on what works and you’ll not only find great customers, but perhaps a few worthy investors.


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  1. Thanks man! Glad you liked it.


  2. Great post Ace, and you even touched on the universal language that no one speaks. Our means of communication, a great outline and explanation really enjoyed the read


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